Shred Those Leaves

fallen maple leavesFall is the time when good stuff for the garden literally grows on trees. It also conveniently falls right where you need it. So, rather than raking and putting your fall leaves out for the city to collect, hang onto those leaves. Pile them on your garden beds intact, or even better, shred them. Shredded leaves are a perfect mulch and soil builder, insulating your garden soil and improving it as they break down. One of the best pieces of garden equipment you can own, even if it’s used once a year, is a leaf shredder. Small electric ones, like the Flowtron, work sort of like a weed whipper, and shred leaves through a small hopper into a waiting garbage bin. Maybe you can talk your neighbours into sharing a leaf shredder with you.

Alternative methods of leaf shredding:

  • pile 6-8 inches of leaves into a metal garbage bin and hold your weed whipper inside it to shred leaves. You can add more leaves on top while whipper is on. 2 person job. Wear safety glasses.
  • run mulching mower over leaves, and either leave on grass to compost or add to garden beds.


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