Holla! For Challah



Challah bread is divine. So rich and buttery, delicious as toast, as French toast, as bread pudding, in the supporting role on a meatloaf sandwich. Hannukah is here and that makes me crave challah more than usual. Also, it’s freezing out and my favourite way to heat up the house is to bake a lot of bread. Here are a whole bunch of challah recipes that I love.  The Shiksa in the Kitchen is a great website and this traditional challah recipe is dead on. It’s my go to recipe for straight up traditional challah. She even includes a link to teach you how to braid the dough.


  For a twist on the old standby I like to sweeten things up with raisins, then use this challah in a divine bread pudding. The recipe on the King Arthur Flour site is a good one for the raisin challah, and my favourite bread pudding recipe can be found here. Then, to get all savoury, this is the delicious caramelized onion challah that I make specifically for my favourite meatloaf sandwiches. Because a meatloaf sandwich is always amazing, but on challah bread it is mind blowing. Another great savoury recipe is this one for rye and oatmeal challah, studded with caraway seeds it’s perfect served for a sandwich of hearty braised brisket, sauerkraut and sharp mustard.


  Have you ever had vegan challah? It’s made with bananas and it makes delicious toast. The reason I love Isa Chandra’s vegan recipes on Post Punk Kitchen is that she grew up on real Jewish comfort food in Brooklyn and she creates vegan dishes that evoke the same warmth and love. Here’s her recipe. Imagine offering this to a vegan guest? They would probably start crying they’d be so excited!

Start baking, warm up your house and your heart with these delicious recipes.



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