A Hero On Every Shelf


The company behind the fantastic website you’re currently reading is a local Toronto firm called Hypenotic. Hypenotic is run by Barry Martin, a true visionary when it comes to web design and branding – did you see that Globe & Mail article about his work on this very site? Check it out here.

Barry is also a passionate supporter of all that is local, organic and artisanal in the Toronto food scene. He and his team have come up with a new initiative for the Fiesta Farms website. As if it wasn’t already great enough what with my blog posts and recipes and Sarah Battersby’s excellent Fiesta Gardens posts, now you can check out a new section on the site.

It is called A Hero On Every Shelf and it will be dedicated to the wonderful people who make some of the most popular items we sell in the store. There are so many great producers in Ontario, people who are dedicated to the best ingredients and devoted to maintaining a healthy food system in this province.

When you care enough to source the best, to ensure that the ingredients sourced are not only ethically and sustainably raised and harvested and GMO free – that makes you a hero here at Fiesta Farms. When you put dollars back into the local food economy rather than sourcing ingredients in far flung places where your money gets funnelled into a corporation – that makes you a hero too. Your product becomes part of the Fiesta Farms community. It becomes more than just a chicken pot pie or a box of crackers – it becomes a solution to the problem we fight every day. Your product becomes a tangible ray of hope for our badly crippled food system. A customer can come in and buy a box of crackers and know that all the money spent goes back into our community. That’s pretty commendable. Barry Martin and his team thought so and here’s the result. Introducing our very first heroes – Dawn and Ed from Evelyn’s Crackers!



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