Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day With Ontario Beer




This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday, which means there will probably be celebrations all weekend long. On the 17th though, one of Ontario’s favourite craft brewers is throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party and everyone is invited. They’ve commissioned their favourite pop up to create a menu of snacks to hand out during the party and they’ll be pouring a very appropriate beer to all the revellers.

The brewer is Beau’s All Natura Brewing Company, the pop up is Rodney Dangerfood – the only pop up in North America named after the beloved comedian – and the beer they’ll be pouring is…

In keeping with traditional it will be a green beer, but not some weak draft with green dye stirred in. This is beer made in honour of another comedic hero – Canada’s very own Tom Green. Everyone is welcome to come out on Monday night for some delicious milk stout beer, made even more palateable by the fact that it is being poured free of charge, and some delightful fun food from the Rodney Dangerfood pop up. Jon Koplimae, the chef behind the pop up is working on some Beau’s Lug Tread Ale Hush Puppies and Irish Stew Poutine with Tom Green Milk Stout Gravy. The Mahones latest album and some classic Irish Rovers will provide the lively soundtrack.

Avoid the cookie cutter pubs and the mass produced beer this St. Paddy’s Day. Instead, embrace the delicious craft beers of Ontario.



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