Missing: Snowdrops


Spring? What Spring? It’s the first day of spring, but you’d never know it. Normally we’d be seeing these little beauties popping up in our gardens, but with the freezing weather we’ve been enduring, our spring bulbs—like the snowdrops—have so far been no shows. Most gardeners, me included, are ready to tear their hair out with the long wait this year for some decent weather and signs of life. I’d even like a rainy day at this point. A warm one, preferably.

But there are signs that spring approaches, even if it’s not exactly on time: the snow is melting, the days are getting longer, and in the meantime, there are activities that can give us a little taste of spring. Visit Canada’s Garden Show, Canada Blooms, (which is on for three more days), for instance. Start some seeds, peruse a few catalogues. It won’t be long now. I’ll be checking every day to see my first snowdrop.

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