What To Get Her For Mother’s Day



Dads get steaks and beer, maybe a new tie or a fishing rod. But for moms we always do brunch – scones and hollandaise sauce, mimosas and cupcakes, maybe a bouquet of flowers thrown in for good measure. This year in our city a very special Mother’s Day menu is going to be prepared. It isn’t a brunch and the chef behind it isn’t from Toronto.

You may have heard of the world famous chef Fergus Henderson, he wrote the book Nose to Tail and basically gave the name to the whole movement that popularized the whole animal philosophy that has been so embraced by chefs and customers. If you see charcuterie on every menu, you’ve got him to thank. Fergus isn’t a singlehandedly brilliant chef, he has help in the form of his equally brilliant chef wife Margot. Fergus’ restaurant in London, England is called St. John, it’s where Madonna goes for bone marrow. Margot Henderson, along with partner Melanie Arnold, heads up a cozier kitchen in Shoreditch called Rochelle Canteen. Margot recently published a cookbook, called You’re All Invited, which might also make a nice Mother’s Day gift.




Margot and Melanie are giving up Mother’s Day with their families this year to spend it here in Toronto with us. Margot has created a beautiful menu for the luncheon that will take place on Sunday at Geraldine restaurant. Get your tickets here!

Of course there are countless brunch options in Toronto – some of the most famous are held at the Windsor Arms, where you are treated to a sumptuous buffet fit for royalty. A long time Toronto favourite is the brunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, where fluffy blueberry buttermilk pancakes and their take on heuvos rancheros – the Huevos Monty. Toronto Life did an excellent roundup recently that features some brunch spots that might not be on your radar yet. Check it out here, I’m especially intrigued by the offer at Bestellen, only $25!

Happy Mother’s Day

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