Plant Profile: Aurinia “Basket of Gold”

aurinia in flower

Scented Aurinia flowers spilling over completely hide a lackluster concrete edge.

Aurinia, an early-blooming, sun-loving, bright yellow flowering perennial is a winner in early spring. If you have a sunny spot, with rocks or a concrete wall, it’s a perfect fit. It’s at its best when it has something it can spill over. The mass of intense, tiny yellow clusters of flowers softens any sharp edges and creates a glowing, frothy effect. The added bonus is that the flowers are quite heavenly scented. My garden isn’t sunny enough for aurinia, but I’m glad my neighbours grow them in their front gardens, as I love to dip my nose into them when I walk by.

field of mustard flowers

A field of mustard in flower is a sight to behold.

If your soil is lean, (meaning, not too fertile), so much the better. Aurinia can rot in moist soils, so a sandy one is ideal. This plant is part of the brassica family, like mustards and broccoli. Brassicas are also know as crucifers, and that name comes from the four-petalled shape of the flowers, like a cross. The flowers of Aurinia are also bright yellow, like a field of mustard flowers. You can get a miniature version of this effect by planting Aurinia now.

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