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The weekend is finally here and you deserve a drink! Here’s a delicious and unique cocktail recipe from Liz Campbell, bartender and co-owner of THR & Co., the Harbord Room’s sister restaurant. Campbell makes her pineapple syrup by reducing down pineapple juice, with a sprinkle of hot pepper flakes, until it starts to thicken. The syrup will keep for ages in your fridge and makes for a welcome addition to smoothies or a simple glass of club soda.

Campbell also makes a pineapple chip for a garnish – if you don’t have a dehydrator on hand you could just slice up a pineapple thinly and lay the pieces out on a parchment covered cookie sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper flakes and bake in the oven to brown up, 450 for 25 minutes or so. Or you could make pineapple leather – here’s a great recipe for DIY fruit leathers.

Tromba Product Photos Kieran and Nick

You may not have Tromba Tequila in your liquor cabinet or Fernet Branca for that matter – there are no substitutes for either. Go to the liquor store and stock up, both are top of the line products that will amp up your cocktails immeasurably.


Once you have everything you need go ahead and mix up a batch of these delicious cocktails to enjoy after work this evening or anytime this weekend. Of course, if you don’t want to go to the hassle, then by all means head to THR & Co. and order one direct from the source. Either over dinner or to go with the delicious brunch menu on Sunday.

The Front Porch

1 1/4 oz Tromba Tequila

1/4 oz Fernet Branca

3/4 oz spiced pineapple syrup

3/4 oz fresh lemon

top with ginger beer and a grating of fresh nutmeg

Shake with ice and strain into rocks glass, finish with ginger beer, nutmeg and roasted pineapple.


If you have a favourite cocktail recipe feel free to share with us in the comments. 

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