Late Spring Blues & Purples

salvia and alliums

Salvia and alliums go together perfectly.

Early to mid-June is awash in perennials with cool colours, the blues of irises, and purples of alliums and ornamental sages (Salvia). These are all super easy care perennials, and good choices for the beginning gardener with a sunny spot. Irises and sage can be planted any time, but allium grow from bulbs planted in the fall. (Make a note to buy some this fall. They are underused and really should be in every garden.) They make a dramatic statement in the garden after the tulips and pansies fade.

Pale blue irises with purple salvia.

Pale blue irises with purple salvia.

Irises come in a ridiculously huge variety of colours, blues, purples, maroony-reds, pink, orange and yellow. (The only colour you won’t find is a pure scarlet red.) Some of the best blues you’ll find in the garden are found in the iris family.

The intensity of a clump of purple salvia in full bloom is hard to beat. Again, there is a huge variety in the blues and purples, from pale to intense. All are related to culinary sage, which is no slouch in the blooming department either, with a purply-blue flower, although not as showy as the purely ornamental ones.

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