Our Proud Producers: Monforte Dairy



Ruth Klahsen makes some of the most delicious cheese in the country and we’re very proud to sell her Monforte Dairy cheeses at our cheese counter.

Not only does she produce incredible cheese, she does so in a way that supports small dairy farms and allows her to source her milk from the local community. Alternatives Journal touted her in a recent article saying,

“Monforte’s founder, Ruth Klahsen, recognized that an interdependent relationship with local farmers would not only give her the best quality raw materials, but it would also allow Monforte to connect with the local community and develop personal ties that would encourage trust and interdependence among all of the partners involved.”

The Monforte Home Farm is Klahsen’s latest project and as she has done successfully in the past she is reaching out to her customers offering CSA packages that will help her to get the farm/restaurant project off the ground.

The farm is located in Stratford, Ontario and Klahsen plans to plant gardens to create a fresh supply of produce for the restaurant and to sell along with Monforte cheeses at farmers markets. They’ll also raise a herd of water buffalo to supply milk for raw milk cheeses.

There are three different packages you can sign up for to help make this wonderful project a reality. Details for each package can be found on the subscription form. The payback is in cheese so everybody wins.

I’ll let Ruth explain the situation more fully,

“We’ve put $20,000 down on a farm on Highway 8, between Shakespeare and Stratford. The full amount is due October 1st at closing.

We hoped to raise $450,000 which is more or less what we raised to build the dairy – but for that CSA we had almost a full year to meet our goal.

We thought that 1,000 subscribers might each invest [reinvest] $500 to be paid back in vouchers over 5 years. This is exactly what we did over the last five years for the dairy. The only difference is that now there will be more places and more ways to spend the vouchers: any of our markets, the Osteria, our store in Toronto, on the farm…You can pay for your CSA subscription online with Paypal at http://monfortedairy.com/

We sincerely thank those who have subscribed already and ask them to please pass along our message to any friends and family that might be interested.”

This is your chance to support a really incredible new project and get paid back in cheese! Support the Monforte Home Farm today. It’s worth every penny.





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