Let’s Go To The Rodeo



One of our favourite places in Toronto is the Evergreen Brickworks, it is a beautiful spot year round with lovely gardens in the summer and an ice skating rink in the summer. There’s a year round farmer’s market and always fun and creative food programming for kids – cooking classes and gardening lessons help educate our city’s youngsters so they’ll grow up knowing where there food comes from and how to cook it up for themselves. We are big supporters of any programming that teaches kids about food and that’s why we’re excited about an event they have planned for later this month.




The Brickworks is a not-for-profit and their annual fundraiser used to always be the Picnic at the Brickworks, which was a wonderful event – a big outdoor picnic with so much food from so many different chefs it was virtually impossible to try everything. This year they’ve decided to change it up and are scrapping the picnic theme and going with a rodeo event!


Steve Mitton, the chef at Murray Street in Ottawa.

Steve Mitton, the chef at Murray Street in Ottawa.


There will be live bands playing country and bluegrass, you can ride a mechanical bull, and even get lasso lessons. The chefs and the food are the main draw though and the Brickworks team are bringing in some of Canada’s best to work with a local lineup of all stars. Expect to try dishes from Montreal’s Danny Smiles, Newfoundland’s Todd Perrin, Ottawa’s Steve Mitton and many, many more. Local chefs include Jamie Kennedy, Brad Long and Amanda Ray. There will no shortage of delicious beer from Creemore Springs and cocktails from Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers to wash down all the delicious food with. Buy a ticket to the Evergreen Urban Rodeo today and help support the Brickworks so they can continue to do the good work that makes this city a better place to live.

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