Avocado – More Than Just Guacamole

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It all started with some devilled eggs. Always searching for a way to bump up the filling I came across a recipe for Guacamole Devilled Eggs. Sometimes we forget that avocado can be used for more than just guacamole, and while it was delicious in the devilled eggs it got me on a hunt to find more ways to use avocado in the kitchen. 

Did you know you can deep fry avocado? Avocado fries are big in Fallbrook, California – the Avocado Capital of the World – battered and deep fried they are definitely delicious and very decadent. I recently found a baked option that is certainly healthier and super easy to execute, imagine how good these with be with a nice ribeye?


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I love the retro presentation of a crab salad scooped into a halved avocado but I wanted to find a new spin to update it. Luckily Nigella happens to have a beautiful crab salad recipe that she tosses with a Japanese dressing that uses lime, sesame, wasabi and mirin. Her recipe doesn’t have the salad in the avocado but that is how I’d serve it. Another crab salad recipe comes from Laylita.com and it is full of fresh crunchy veggies – radish, cucumber and bell peppers – like a summer garden exploded. Delicious and super fresh, perfect for a weekend brunch dish.




Another brunchy/breakfasty dish I found uses a halved avocado as well, but this time it isn’t stuffed with a salad, instead it has an egg baked into it. It seems simple, just halve the avocado, throw away the pit and crack an egg into each half – but that won’t work. The natural hole left by the pit is too small to hold an egg and it turns out that the white and the yolk have to cook separately. Luckily there is a step by step guide with pictures at TheHealthyFoodie.com – she explains it all perfectly.

Have you ever tried avocado on toast? The folks at Food 52 did a little research and came up with the top five avocado on toast variations. My favourite is the mix of avocado, feta and mint – really unique and super tasty.

Finally, this Senegalese salad that features avocadoes mixed with mango, orange, jalapenos and coconut is unexpectedly fantastic. It sounds a little odd but try it, especially paired with spicy food. You’ll be hooked.

Get more avocado in your repertoire. With all that vitamin B, C and E, folate, oleic acid and potassium packed in every bumpy green package you really can’t go wrong.




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