Holiday Recipes from Top Chef Canada – Sweet Potato

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Forget everything you thought you knew about sweet potatoes! This recipe from Top Chef Canada season 4 winner René Rodriguez will blow your mind. He takes Mexican and Spanish influence and directs them at this humble vegetable for a brand new preparation you have to taste to believe.


Pickled sweet potatoes

This recipe comes from Top Chef Canada winner René Rodriguez, in collaboration with Future Shop and LG Appliances. Serves 8-10.


4 sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed into 3/4 inch size

1 cup white wine vinegar

10 cups water

1 cup apple cider

1/2 cup sugar

10 juniper berries

2 bay leafs

1 tablespoons kosher salt

10 coriander seeds


Bring water and salt to simmer. Add sweet potatoes and boil them for 5 to 7 minutes, or until they are a little soft in centre but not mushy. Drain and rinse potatoes under cold water until they have cooled down.

In a stainless steel pot, add sugar, vinegar, cider, bay leafs, coriander seed and juniper and bring to simmer. Pour pickled liquid over sweet potatoes, then allow them to cool down. Chill and serve with turkey.


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