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For four years Chris Brown was the executive chef at the Stop Community Food Centre, his exquisite culinary creations brought in a lot of diners to the Stop’s special dinners and catered events and raised a lot of funds for the centre. Eventually he left to open his own catering company, Citizen Catering, and start a family. Now he has reunited with the Stop, now under the umbrella of Community Food Centres Canada, for January and February to host a series of dinners to raise money and awareness about the CFCC’s mission to “provide good, healthy food for all”.

Calling the event Chefs for Change, Brown has invited 25 of his chef friends from across the country to join him in collaborating on these dinners, so you can try dishes by the chefs from Charcut, Mallard Cottage, Park, Lavanderia and Langdon Hall without having to leave Toronto.

Dinners take place on the last two weekends of January and February at the Propeller Coffee Roastery at 50 Wade Avenue. By attending one of these dinners you are helping the people at CFCC to feed the underprivileged and to continue their work not just to feed people but to educate them as well. Below is there mission all laid out, it’s important work and worthy of our support. Buy your tickets today!


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Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) works with partners across the country to create Community Food Centres that bring people together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. CFCC also works with the broader food movement to empower communities to work towards a healthy and fair food system.

CFCC offers a multidimensional approach including healthy drop-in meals and affordable produce markets, community gardens and kitchens, and education and peer advocacy programs offered under one roof. The goal is to build health and skills that foster more connected  and hopeful communities.

Working with farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, home cooks, backyard gardeners, health professionals, market-goers, teachers and the media, as well as sponsors and funders, CFCC is proving that good food can build community, enhance physical and mental health, nurture the planet and be a transformative force in low-income communities.



• We believe  access to healthy food is a basic human right – no matter your income.

• We believe that the best food choices we can make involve supporting farmers and producers – those who produce food that’s good for people, for the earth and our environment.

• We believe that when people come together over good food, amazing things can happen – community, trust, friendship, belonging &  hope.  


• This January and February,  chefs will come together from coast to coast to collaborate, make beautiful food, and become ambassadors for the future we all want to see. 

• Whether it’s raising money for community food security initiatives, speaking out in the media and to their networks about the need to address high rates of food insecurity and diet-related illness across the country, or helping to make connections between farmers and low-income communities: it’s about harnessing the power of the country’s best chefs for good food for all. 


• Net profits from the event will be donated to Community Food Centres Canada to support the development of Community FoodCentres in low-income communities across the country and to drive a growing movement of individuals and organizations working towards a fair and equitable food system where everyone has access to healthy food. 

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