Our Proud Producers: Good Food For Good

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Fiesta Farms invites you to discover the Good Food For Good difference this weekend. They will in the store with live demonstrations from 12-4pm both days. Good Food for Good is a young, energetic Toronto business determined to “make a positive difference in the world, one meal at a time”, by helping Canadians enjoy world food at home without sacrificing quality for convenience. Founded by Richa Gupta, Good Food For Good is a social as well as business endeavor whose mission is straightforward: offer good, pure and simple food to those who can afford it, and use the profits to donate good food to those who cannot.   Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 5.19.40 PM   Gupta, who has a Masters in Business Administration as well ten years in the Consumer Food Products and retail industries and her team, chef Katherine Snowden and her husband “investor advisor and volunteer”  Prashant Dube  are passionate in their belief that  prepared food should be made fresh and served fresh, not heavily packaged, loaded with preservatives and or sitting around on shelves for weeks or months. All of Good food for Good ‘s products are hand-made in Toronto from fresh, whole and organic produce where possible, using local ingredients and partnering with Ontario farmers, and all products are free of additives and preservatives. Chef Snowden-a graduate of  Culinary Management at George Brown College- and  Dube, a member of the board at Canadian Feed the Children also posses degrees in Business Administration, so the team has a solid, pragmatic business background to match their altruism. GFFG believes that “the goal of business is more than just the pursuit of profit,”  and  their sound business acumen allows them to back up their claim that Good Food For Good stands for “good food” and “good business”.   Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 5.19.09 PM   On Saturday and Sunday Gupta will be in our store demonstrating some of GFFG products like their amazing Fresh Spreads, inspired by the cuisines of the Mediterranean, Mexico and Mumbai. If you haven’t tried these delicious spreads, all of which are gluten, dairy, corn and soy free and vegan, now’s your chance. Also in the spotlight over the weekend are GFFG’s simmer sauces, great starters for curries or Mexican dishes that are just heat and serve, ready in ten minutes or so. With classic flavours like Vindaloo, Butter Chicken,  Tikka Masala, Coconut Curry  and the spicy enchilada sauce, Chiltomate, these fresh sauces are packed with flavor as well as the knowledge that each item purchased goes directly towards helping someone less fortunate have access to good food. Win win.

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