Tigernut Isn’t Actually A Nut



a field of chufa sedge


Tigernuts are actually the roots of the grass cyperus esculentus commonly known as chufa sedge, yellow nutsedge, or because of the nutty attributes of this amazing little tuber, earth almond. The grass is found throughout the world, Europe, China, Africa and the Pacific Islands, often growing as a weed, and has been harvested and cultivated for millennia;  as a staple for our early ancestors and esteemed by the ancient Egyptians for food and medicine.


But sliced, served whole, or ground into a flour-like consistency, these do taste like nuts, so are perfect for those with nut allergies who are craving the benefits of nuts. . They are also very high in fibre, with 10 g of fibre in every 40g (1/4 c) serving, so mixed into your diet are a great appetite suppressant and act as a natural regulator.


But that’s not all, tigernuts are also packed with energy, 180 C per 40g, and as such are a good performance-enhancing food for the nervous system as well as a  good source of iron, phosphorous and magnesium. A source of easily digestible protein, high in Vitamin C and E and containing 8g of high quality fats and oleic acid, tigernuts are also cholesterol free, gluten free and as a raw food, are perfect for a raw diet.


 Ecoideas believes in fair-trade and supports business practices that promote job creation and sustainability in countries where our resources are found. Our purpose is to bring unique, cost-effective, ecological products to consumers through trusted health food stores. We believe that healthy living should be available to everyone, and that the earth must not suffer in order for humans to live well. –Ecoideas





Based in Markham, Ontario, Ecoideas is a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of natural health products including gluten-free, vegan and raw superfoods. The tigernuts that they offer are grown in Spain, and they are indeed a raw food so must be refrigerated after opening.  Tigernuts are a delicious addition to your morning smoothie, mixed into yogurt or sprinkled over granola, powering you up with ethically sourced goodness while curbing your appetite.


whole tigernuts

whole tigernuts


Almond and Tiger Nut Smoothie

1 cup almond milk

¼ c yogurt

1 banana, sliced

¼ c pomegranate juice

1/2 c ice cubes

2 tsp  stone ground tigernuts


Blend until frothy.

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