Get Your Whole Grains – By the Glass



You don’t need to eat a loaf of bread every day just to load up on whole grains. We’ve found an easier way!

We’ve written about alternatives to cow’s milk in the past, and are always excited to try new beverages that reduce reliance on the dairy industry. Substituting cow’s milk for nut milk, or other dairy-free alternative, even for a short period is a good way to partake in a vegan or vegetarian experience while cutting out a few calories as well. Variety is one of the elements that makes one’s diet stimulating, healthy and interesting and it is always fun to mix things up a bit, to try new tastes without sacrificing flavor or compromising nutrition while purchasing items that are ethically sourced, sustainable and good for the environment. It is also a bonus when we are able to source products manufactured in our own country, made with locally grown produce. 

May we introduce you to Ryza? It is a whole grain rice beverage, made from non-GMO rice grown in North America. As it is made from 100% un-milled, unpolished and un-refined brown rice, it is free of lactose, cholesterol and gluten, and each serving supplies you with a full serving  (16g) of whole grains. According to the Canada Food Guide, adults should consume 3-4 servings of whole grains daily, and only one in ten Canadians are getting that in their diet. A diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruit reduces the risk of obesity as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes, and reduces the risk of heart attack, strokes and cancer.




Like many nut beverages, Ryza, and it’s basmati rice based beverage, Ryza Yu are fortified with vitamins and minerals, and are a good source of calcium and Vitamins A, D, B2 and B12. There is no added sugar, the slightly sweet taste is from the naturally occurring sugars in the rice itself. Ryza is manufactured by Earth’s Own,, a company started in Vancouver by Maheb Nathoo, a true pioneer in the soy-beverage industry; when Nathoo discovered his daughter was lactose intolerant, he set about manufacturing and marketing soy beverages like So Good. Changing the name of his company from Soyaworld to Earth’s Own Food Company Inc  in 2011 reflects the growth of the company itself; not just concerned with soy products, Earth’s Own also produces the familiar almond beverage, Almond Fresh and Amore, a product that combines Almonds and dairy milk.

Ryza, like many dairy alternatives can also be used where cow’s milk is used in making ice-“creams” as well as smoothies and works well as a substitute for milk in baking. Check here  for some delicious recipes using Ryza that range from smoothies, to pancakes to chowders and curries.

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