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Coconut milk is an incredible ingredient, it is so versatile and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. It is going beyond Thai cuisine and can be found in myriad new recipes. Check out the hashtag #TKEveryday for more ideas on how to use coconut milk in your kitchen and take a look at my absolute favourite coconut recipes:


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1. Cauliflower is the it veggie of the moment, so it starts off the list. This recipe for broiled cauliflower steaks is excellent for Meat Free Monday or any night of the week when a vegetarian meal is what you crave. As the weather warms up I always find myself drawn more to vegetables so this recipe is perfect for this time of year. Broiled Cauliflower Steaks with Parsley and Lemon is a recipe that you need to start the day before so the cauliflower can marinate in the coconut milk for 24 hours. They say you can only marinate for 2 hours but trust me, the full 24 is well worth it and makes the steaks incredibly rich and delicious.


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2. You have never had lentils like this before – gently simmered with edamame and served with a garnish of fresh chopped parsley, this dish may seem kind of dull. Don’t be deceived by its simplicity, it is absolutely delicious and is one surefire way to get more lentils into your diet. Coconut Beluga Lentils by chef Anthony Dawodu in the U.S. Virgin Islands, make some this weekend!


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3. Fresh cod is is just fine on its own but try poaching it in coconut milk and you won’t believe how amazing it can be. It’s also a super quick dinner to put together, and the best part of all is that there is no lingering aroma of fish in the house, as there is when you bake or fry it. When you make Coconut Milk Poached Cod with this lovely recipe your kitchen will be perfumed with the scent of coconut instead.

4. Wild rice is one of my favourite Canadian ingredients and this recipe, which is unusual in that it’s a dessert showcases it in a whole new way. Coconut Ginger Wild Rice Pudding – doesn’t that sound divine? With cinnamon, cardamom and pistachio rounding out the dish, it is an excellent and unique dessert that will definitely impress.




5. I absolutely love Tres Leches Cake, this Mexican favourite is so moist and fragrant and easy to make, it’s surprising we don’t see it on more menus. Luckily, since it is so easy to make you can whip up one at home in no time. This recipe states that the rum is optional, and it definitely is, but I never leave it out.


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6. I’m always looking for new ways to prepare dark leafy greens, they’re so good for you but sometimes they just seem kind of boring. When I first saw this recipe for Collard Greens Braised in Coconut Milk it seemed sort of oddball but intriguing nonetheless. It’s a regular in my kitchen now, in fact it’s the only way I cook collards anymore. Give it a try, you might discover a new favourite.

7. Nothing cries out for coconut milk more than Thai food. The traditional soup of Northern Thailand is Khal Soi and this recipe uses not only the milk but coconut cream as well. It’s rich, spicy broth is tempered with pickled cabbage and a hint of lime and the noodles are prepared two ways, both boiled and fried.


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8. A wonderful recipe to try out during the work week. Just set all the ingredients in the crockpot and let it simmer while you work. When you come home a dinner of Slow Cooker Coconut and Green Curry Pork is ready, you just need to boil up a pot of rice to serve it with.

9. Breakfast is the most important, and most neglected, meal of the day. That’s why smoothies are so great and why this one especially, an Oat-Coconut Smoothie, is perfect for your hectic morning routine. Oats, coconut milk, honey and Greek yogurt, along with a banana – gives you a solid start to your day.




10. My final favourite recipe is this one from the Thai Kitchen Canada contest that is running right now. I love schnitzel and Brandi Yee’s Chicken Schnitzel with Curry Coconut Sauce is so good you might never be satisfied with regular old sauerkraut for your German style schnitzel again.

Check out Thai Kitchen Canada’s#TKeveryday Recipe Challenge and learn how to incorporate coconut milk in your daily meals. You can also enter for a chance to win $4500 in prizes.

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