New Running Program for Kids



Summer vacation is officially on! Does that mean the rugrats are holed up inside playing Halo or are they out in the sun running around? It can be shockingly hard to encourage some kids to go out and play, beautiful sunny days sometimes can’t hold a candle (see what I did there?) to that addictive PlayStation. As parents you must fight this and not raise up a generation of zombies raised on Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Our suggestion? Check out this new running series that starts in Ontario this summer.



Along with the press release announcing that Clif ZBar specially for children would be launching in Canada this month was a notice about a new running series initiative the company is promoting. To be honest, at first I was skeptical – kids don’t need more sweet snack options marketed to them, give them an apple or nothing! But of course, the reality of dealing with kids isn’t so cut and dry and if they want a sweet snack I’d rather hand over a Clif Bar that I know is made with completely organic ingredients and none of the bad stuff that pops up in so many other snack options.

“The new CLIF Kid Zbar is an organic, soft-baked whole grain snack bar made with a nutritious blend of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre that provide energy. CLIF Kid Zbar excludes the “no-no’s” such as partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives and artificial flavours.”


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And the idea of promoting running to youngsters seems really smart. I’ve always perceived running as a later in life thing – jogging through Central Park or on the track at Quantico – not something the under twelve set would be seen doing. But why not? Kids could benefit greatly from the qualities needed to succeed in a long distance run – learning patience, stamina, endurance and concentration.

“To celebrate the launch of Zbar in Canada and inspire boys and girls to push their boundaries and feed their adventures, CLIF Kid will sponsor the CLIF Kid Run Series hosted by 5 Peaks Trail Running Series. The nationwide running series taking place this summer will give kids the opportunity to engage in physical activity while they’re out of school. The events consist of a free 1km CLIF Kid Challenge and a 3km CLIF Kid Timed Challenge held at each of the 5 Peaks venues across Canada.”

CLIF  has been doing good work for years, fueling us (me at least) from gym bags and glove compartments after a workout but also practicing what they preach by getting involved with fitness events all over the world. They’ll be in Albion Hills this Sunday for the Ontario Cup Race, and in Toronto for the Spartan Race on the 18th.


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