Campfire Cooking



There is nothing like getting out of the city and living out of a tent or camper for a few days. Packing properly for campfire cooking is vital to ensure you have an awesome camping experience. Hot dogs and hamburgers are all fine and good but if you care about food experiences this is a great chance to really explore new recipes and techniques that you can’t always indulge in while cooking at home. Here’s our round-up of the best campfire cooking recipes and tips…


Always pack tinfoil, it’s so handy to wrap up your dinner ingredients and setting them on the coals to cook. A tinfoil packet of ground beef, potatoes, onion and carrots with lots of seasoning, yields a juicy delicious supper with no fuss and hardly any cleanup. We like this recipe at High Heels and Grills. Over at Echoes of Laughter they’ve got the best recipe for breakfast, try their tinfoil Lumberjack Breakfast and never worry about breaking a yolk again. I bet you never thought you’d be able to make Apple Crumble over a campfire, but at BS in the Kitchen they’ve cracked the code and have a super simple tinfoil recipe for it.


Another thing to remember when packing – wooden skewers. Grilling things on sticks is fun and easy. You can make so many shish kebab variations – different meats, veggies and fish – you can even skewer and grill fruit! Grilled watermelon is delicious when served with a basil vinaigrette and a sprinkle of feta cheese and grilled pineapple goes great with pork and you can serve grilled peaches with pancetta. Main course skewers like these lamb kebabs, can be prepped at home, with all the ingredients tossed into a ziploc they’ll be ready for skewering and grilling as soon as your fire is hot enough at the campsite. A perfect recipe for the first night of a camping trip. You can do the same with chicken; marinate it with lemon juice and sumac for a delicious take on the Israeli shishlik.

Old newspapers come in handy on a camping trip as well. Not only are they perfect for helping to get the fire going, you can also cook in them. Jamie Oliver famously cooked a whole salmon wrapped in newspaper on one of his cooking shows years ago and it’s been a beloved outdoor cooking technique ever since. The recipe he most recently published in his magazine calls for, a much more manageably sized fish – trout – a gives detailed instructions for this simple, yet wonderful, way to cook fish on a grill.




And if that isn’t enough, Buzzfeed has 34 more recipes you can try on your next trip – including cowhorn biscuits! What the heck is a cowhorn biscuit you ask? Click the link and find out.

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