Calling All Vegetable Lovers!



Veg-heads of Toronto unite! This weekend, Friday Sept 11 to Sunday Sept 13th  marks the 31st year that Toronto honours and celebrates all persons places and things vegetarian with it’s annual Veg Food Fest!

Billed as a “food festival first” featuring veg*n hot dogs, juicy burgers and “fluffy cupcakes smothered in frosting” this Veg Fest, one of North America’s best, is much more than just a gourmand’s delight. Upwards of 85 vendors will be on site, showcasing wares and sharing ideas that will make vegan and vegetarian cooking more accessible and user friendly than ever. Sample delectable victuals from gluten-free, dairy free and Raw Food chefs and veg*n treats to keep you fueled for the entirety of your visit  as you check out all natural markets, or discuss animal welfare with the good folks from Toronto Pig SaveAnimal Justice Canada, or Mercy For Animals.



Workshops, panel discussions, music and film, cooking demonstrations, free samples of delicious vegan and vegetarian foods, cookbook launces…there will be so much to do and see spread over the ten acres of the Harbourfront Centre that you may just have to attend all three days! To keep you busy, the organizers have lined up an impressive list of over fifty events featuring educators and authors, chefs and athletes, cooking and baking demonstrations, and film, music and dance. Seriously, there is so much good stuff going on at this Festival that you owe it to yourself to attend at least a part of it, even, or perhaps especially  if you are not vegan or vegetarian; everyone owes it to themselves well-informed on issues that affect us all, be it environmentally sound farming practices,  the welfare and ethical treatment of farm animals, or just how to become more aware and actively involved in activities that promote a healthy worldview.


There are so many interesting events that it would be hard to select highlights, but here are just a few that caught our eye:


Have you found yourself drinking less milk these days, or supplementing it with non-dairy alternatives? Check out Cash Cow a discussion by Marie Desaulniers that examines our love affair with milk.

On Friday night there will be a screening of the film, Plant Pure Nation a film that focuses on the challenges faced by small farmers and how big industry and government have erected roadblocks when it comes to getting plant-based nutrition into the mainstream. Check out this preview, and the screening is free!


 Meagan Duhamel is a four time Canadian Champion, Olympic silver medalist and World Pair’s Figure skating  champion who has been vegan since 2008. If you click on her name you will also see dozens of other world class vegan athletes, so there goes the myth that in order to be a great athlete you gotta gnaw on a slab of flesh everyday. It’s always cool to meet a great Canadian athlete in person, and if you’re a figure skating this is your chance! Megan will be on hand at 3:30 on Saturday talking about how a vegan diet helped make her the best in the world.


Here  is a complete list of presenters, chefs and activities for the weekend. Have a look and pick your favourites! Oh, and by the way, admission to the Veg Fest is free.

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