Using Dahlias As A Hedge


red dahlias along a fence

A row of dahlias makes a striking blooming hedge.

Here’s a great use of dahlias, which effectively creates a flowering hedge. Seven identical plants have been  planted here, along a decorative metal fence. These dahlias grow in partial shade for part of the day, and the flowers pop out of the shadows like glowing red stars. It’s a terrific effect and one that could be used year to year. Dahlias are a tender perennial, and the tubers should be dug up every fall, after frost, and brought in for the winter to be replanted next season.

'Cornel' dahlia in bloom. A ball type dahlia.

Possibly ‘Cornel’ dahlia in bloom. A ball type dahlia.

A line of dahlias could be used as a hedge effect in other ways in the garden, such as dividing an area. Plant a row of dahlias in containers to create a garden wall anywhere you like. The foliage is quite attractive when the plants aren’t in bloom.

I’m not sure of the variety of this particular dahlia, but it might be Cornel, a red ball type dahlia, described by some as one of the best.

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