Sculpture in the Garden

bricks sculpture

A collection of worn, antique bricks makes an elegant found sculpture.

Hard, permanent surfaces like paving, walls, and boulders give a garden structure, but these elements can be costly. One way that you can add a permanent structure to the garden is by adding sculpture. It doesn’t have to be expensive or formal, either. Many sculptural elements in gardens can be DIY collections: rocks, found and vintage objects. A piece of vintage concrete, a large urn or an obelisk can all serve the purpose of sculpture in a garden and provide a focal point, and structure: the bones of the garden. The simple collection of beach-worn bricks stacked vertically (above) adds a note of whimsical interest to a boring corner of the garden. It’s a feature that works in winter time too, when structure in the garden is needed even more.


There’s something very charming about the way a plant can distribute itself around a piece of concrete  in the garden, as in the vintage finial above. Both elements create an impact that is more than the sum of its parts. Look for objects that you can tuck into surprising places in the garden, or that can direct the eye and create a focal point. These are the things that can make your garden a personalized space.

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