Scotch For The Holidays


Many of us still have not found the perfect gift for Mr. or Ms. Impossible-to-buy-for. Luckily today we have a look at a few gift suggestions for those with a sweet spot for a wee dram. Check out these two incredible new bottles that are sure to please the scotch drinkers on your list. We’re sure Don Draper would approve.



In 2003 the good people at  Bowmore  set aside the Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky that matures this season as a twelve year old. Bowmore, established in 1779, is located on Islay (pronounced “eye-la”), a rugged island in the Hebrides just off the coast of Scotland known for it’s rich, peaty soils and mild climate, a perfect combination for producing a top whisky. This year’s 12 year old is easy on the eye and on the palate, a soft amber in colour, it has notes of  sweetness and honey balanced with a subtle citrus that sets the stage for a languorous, smoky peat finish.

This is a truly great Scotch, and a wonderful gift, and it also comes with an added bonus; you can educate your friend on the correct pronunciation of “Islay.”




Another fantastic Single Malt that is garnering more and more acclaim this year is the Triple Distilled Auchentoshan Single Malt American Oak. Established in Glasgow in 1823, Auchentoshan is the only remaining distillery in Scotland that triple distills “every drop.” After it is thrice distilled, the precious liquor is aged in American bourbon casks, resulting in a Scotch that is light gold in colour and surprisingly bright; reminiscent of the best bourbon with an aroma of vanilla and apples with notes of sweet coconut and a surprising, crisp finish with a clove and nutmeg aroma that is evocative of the season and hints of wood panelled drawing rooms and a slow, smoky fireplace. You just might want to buy a bottle for yourself, just to check it out and make sure it’s good enough for Mr Impossible.



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