Happy New Year!


As of today, it’s 79 days till spring, and that’s not too long at all. Is it? Those days will go by fast! Here’s a countdown clock to help you focus on that yearned for season. And before that time we are sure to have some springy weather. Here’s to seeing those first crocus shoots in March poking out of the garden soil. Or even snowdrops in February. Those gardeners who don’t ski, skate or take vacations down south have some long days of winter ahead. But soon will come spring. In the meantime, we have seed catalogues to order and drool over, and the cheery remains of the festive season to keep us going. I’m fully in favour of leaving those holiday lights up as long as possible. I also love the growing tradition of hanging cheery Christmas balls on bare shrubs and trees over the winter. They look good during the day and don’t require a single kilowatt hour to brighten up the neighbourhood.

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