Shake your Date




Milkshakes can be rather habit forming during heat waves. Fruit milkshakes like strawberry are great, as are the classic chocolate and vanilla, but today we’re trying something new, at least for us; a date milk shake.



The average pitted date weighs in at about 10 grams and has about 28 calories, and you need about 5 or 6 dates per serving. Given that you are also adding milk, or your favourite nut milk to the mix, and also ice-cream, the date milk shake is not for lightweights. It is, in fact, an indulgence, but dates are good for you, and so is milk, so this is a great snack that will keep you going, and more than likely, because it is rich and filling, will curb your appetite for a hefty lunch. Maybe eat a light,veggie-based lunch, and have one of these. It’s true, dates are relatively high in sugars, but of course they are naturally occurring, not refined, and are contained in a tidy, delicious packet that is also a good source of fibre, (10 dates gives you a quarter of your day’s fibre requirements) as well as magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, Vitamins A and K, iron, copper and potassium. These are things you should tell yourself when you down one of these beauties.




The beauty of the Date Shake is its simplicity. Really, you could just blend a half dozen dates with a cup of ice-cold milk and you’d have a great beverage. Or you could add a little yogurt or banana. Maybe spice it up with cardamom or nutmeg.We tried a few combinations (life is rough…) and our favourite was the recipe that follows. The vanilla ice-cream added that missing depth as well as a little body-who wants a runny milkshake? But we encourage you to try a few combos, you are sure to nail it.

When choosing dates for snacking or for your milk shake, try to get a good, soft date like medjool dates; the “King of Dates,” they blend easier and taste amazing. Incidentally, medjool dates are the variety that Vegan Rev  uses to sweeten their nut milks, so one of their fantastic nut milks would work beautifully for this recipe!


Date Shake -makes 1  large shake

5 or 6 dates, pitted

1 cup milk or nut milk

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

half a cup ice cubes

pinch cinnamon


Remove pits from dates. Add half a cup of milk to blender and turn blender on high. Add the dates and ice and the rest of the milk and blend until smooth, about a minute. Add a pinch of cinnamon. Pour into chilled glass and drink immediately from the craziest straw you have.



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