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“Never underestimate the power of good food cooked and eaten with others.” – Nick Saul, President & CEO of Community Food Centres Canada

If you have missed the previous iterations of the fund raising dinners, Restaurants for Change, despair not. The annual fundraiser that brings together this country’s top culinary talents is happening in fifteen cities across Canada, including right here in Toronto on Wednesday, October 19. On this date, memories of our own Thanksgiving feast will be only nine days old, and supporting this great cause is a wonderful way to “pay it forward” and to truly show thanks by sharing and advocating for healthy food for all.


Join us for Restaurants for Change on October 19 and funds raised will support healthy food access and empowering food programs in low-income communities across Canada. In cities where there is a Community Food Centre proceeds are shared between that centre and Community Food Centres Canada. Other funds raised help CFCC support more than 90 Good Food Organizations across Canada with an annual conference, grants, training, program resources, and other capacity-building tools. Last year restaurants and sponsors raised $200,000 to support local organizations and a national movement for good food for all. This year, we want to raise even more! Join us!”-


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Across Canada over sixty-five restaurants will be partaking; here in Toronto, no less than nineteen top restaurants and their chefs are involved including crowd favourites like Actinolite, Big Crow, The Drake 150, Ruby Watchco, Union, Beast, Edulis, Ricmond Station and more. For a complete list of who’s involved click here. Supporting local food systems and local producers, and helping support food programs and Good Food Organizations  like The Stop benefits all of us, and dining at one of your favourite restaurants is hardly a chore. The October 19 event is 60% booked in Toronto, so act soon in order to avoid being disappointed. To make a reservation at your favourite digs, go here. And then go there.


Chef Laura Kirk from Ruby Watchco

Chef Laura Kirk from Ruby Watchco


“We continue to support Restaurants for Change each year, because the answer is simple to us: every Canadian should have the right to healthy food,” says Chef Lora Kirk from Ruby Watchco. “We need to remind ourselves that people power matters. When it comes to food, we are all responsible for how we set the table.”

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