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Last month Fiesta Farms was graced with a visit by a true celebrity! None other than Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods  was in our store, talking to customers, answering questions and discussing all things great and small regarding his company and the vast array of products they offer. Yes, Bob himself, the character on all those packages is a real person, and there he was in our store!


Cleaning up on aisle Five....

Cleaning up on aisle Five….


Bob Moore and his wife Charlee established their natural foods company in Milwaukie, Oregon in 1978, a company that specializes in natural, certified organic and gluten-free stone-milled grain products. Thirty –eight years later, Bob’s Red Mill is now the U.S.’s “leading miller of diverse whole grain foods,” and the company itself is co-owned by its employees; on his 81st birthday he gave all his employees the opportunity to become part owners through an Employee Stock Ownership Program, so now every member of the team is also a part owner. Pretty cool.


Bob & the Fiesta Farms Gang!

Bob & the Fiesta Farms Gang!


For the almost forty years that Bob’s Red Mill has been in operation, they have made a commitment to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients using only certified organic wherever possible and sourced non-GMO ingredients. With upwards of four hundred products on offer, in addition to stone-ground organic flours Bob’s Red Mill now has dozens of other products including nut meals, cereals, granola, nutritional boosters organic, vegan and paleo-friendly items like hemp protein powders, nutritional yeast and organic coconut sugars to name just a few. And Fiesta Farms is proud to carry many of these, in fact it’s hard to keep them on the shelves! For a detailed look and description of their line of products, have a gander here. 


Outstanding in his field....

Outstanding in his field….


Sometimes when you look at a great athlete playing their sport, it makes you want to pick up a racquet or throw around the ol’ pigskin, and sometimes when you read a good book it gives you the urge to write. And when Bob was affably talking to customers a few weeks ago, and enthusiastically discussing the products he so proudly brings to our shelves he makes you want to purchase wisely, and cook deliciously, and eat well. And that’s half the battle, isn’t it?

You know you've made it when....

You know you’ve made it when….

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