Sandra’s Piri Piri Sauce



Today we are looking at an item in our pantry that is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free, no salt, sugar or preservatives are added; it is all natural, it is made in Toronto, and when it comes to transforming your dish from simply delicious to sublime, it makes all the difference.

We love the complete line of hot sauces from the husband and wife team of Carlos Flores and Sandra DaSilva. That’s why we at Fiesta Farms carry all of them. So we’re especially excited to report that they have just introduced a new product to the family: Sandra’s Piri Piri sauce, handcrafted by No.7 Hot Sauce.

When you hear “Piri Piri” chances are you think of “Chicken Piri Piri,” the Portuguese dish that most obviously utilizes the famous chili. Piri Piri is the Swahili term (literally “pepper pepper”) for a cultivar of hot chili peppers that grow in many African countries including Angola and Mozambique, two of the six former colonies of Portugal.



When the peppers were introduced to Portugal, the name, and the sauces made from it stuck. Piri piri sauce caught on like wildfire in the seafaring nation of Portugal, as it goes great with shrimp and fish, and now piri piri is practically synonymous with that country…and its chicken!




But Sandra’s Piri Piri sauce isn’t just for chicken, or fish, or shrimp. A few dashes brighten and enliven stir-fries and vegetable dishes, stews, eggs and dips. There’s some sort of alchemy at work here, as Sandra manages to take just eight ingredients (piri piri peppers, bell peppers, carrots, onions, garlic apple cider vinegar, bay leaves oregano and water) and turns them into gold. In a nutshell, any place you like to use your favourite sauce will be a welcome destination for this great addition to your cupboard. Just put it somewhere easy to reach!



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