Hockey Night in Picton!


One of our favourite Canadian charities is part of what promises to be a very delicious hockey game in Picton this weekend. Pitting Toronto chefs against Montreal chefs, the game will have some of the best concessions hockey fans have ever experienced. Plus Ken Dryden will be there!

And all the proceeds go to one of our favourite Canadian charities.

Tickets are only $20 (hurry up and buy yours now before they sell out!) with proceeds going to Community Food Centres of Canada, an organization that brings people together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food.

There will also be buses traveling from Toronto so everyone who wants to check it out easily can.

There will be a family skate before the game and concessions from Maison Publique, Jamie Kennedy, the Drake Hotel, Nora Gray and more. There will also be Canadian whisky cocktails with Lot 40 and plenty of Moosehead beer as well as vino from PEC’s favourite winemakers Norm Hardie and Rosehall Run.

The game will capture the spirit of our country’s oldest hockey rivalry – that of the Leafs and the Habs and is all in good fun – not all these chefs necessarily play hockey too often. Actually, the Montreal chefs might have the edge there, they actually play hockey together.

As Ted Corrado, captain of the Toronto Grinders, said in his interview with Toronto Life recently:

I gather this is the realization of a dream? So you’re a big hockey guy?
Ha! Yes. I’m a first-generation Canadian, and for my parents, assimilation meant Hockey Night In Canada every Saturday night. I grew up playing street hockey and eventually mastered skates. Now I play every week.

You’re captaining the Toronto Grinders. Be honest—what are our chances?
Well the Montreal crew plays twice a week and none of the Toronto guys manage to get together. We’re actually having our first practice tomorrow morning to see who can skate.

Read the rest of the interview here. Get your tickets while they last and help support CFCC while enjoying Canada’s favourite winter pastime!

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