Grapefruit That Tastes Like Grapefruit

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I remember as a kid that only adults ate grapefruit, it was just too sour for kids. Remember when a grapefruit was so tart a sprinkle of sugar was often welcome just to make it more palatable?

Those grapefruits aren’t around much anymore, Ruby Red grapefruits are the norm these days. And Ruby Reds are delicious for sure, sometimes though, one gets a craving for the kind of pucker only a tart and sweetly sour Duncan grapefruit can give.

Not too long ago the Duncan was what you’d find when looking for a grapefruit in the produce section. A recent article in the New York Times reminisces about the heirloom citrus and happily reports that the white grapefruit variety is making a comeback from oblivion.


Bracing and complex, simultaneously sweet and tart, they taste — at least to anyone with a memory — like grapefruit. – New York Times


The notoriously seedy varietal is perfect for eating as is, or in a recipe like this Vanilla Grapefruit Curd.

We’ve got some coming into the store this weekend, come and get ’em while supplies last!


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