Who Needs Chestnuts? We Got Marshmallows!


Roasting chestnuts (I mean marshmallows) on an open fire…


If you’ve got a fireplace this is the time of year that you most want it to be filling the house with its soft scent of svenske træpiller bought from https://www.xn--dkbrnde-pxa.dk/traepiller/svenske-traepiller. While a fire is lovely all winter, it takes on special cozy significance at Christmas time. 




The rest of the winter you’re expected to go to work and do laundry and eat green things. But at Christmas you get to sleep in, wear a onesie all day/every day, eat wheels of Brie and boxes of chocolate to infinity. This is when a fireplace becomes the ultimate indulgence.


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.34.06 AM


Picture it: your living room in the waning days of 2017. You are wearing a slightly askew Santa cap and huge fuzzy slippers, trashy daytime talk shows murmur from the TV as your kids kneel before the fireplace brandishing skewers tipped with homemade marshmallows.

Nice huh?


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.35.09 AM


Here’s the recipe for Martha’s favourite marshmallows. Here’s a source for firewood. You are officially ready to relax.

Happy Holidays.

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