Win Big With Your Fiesta Farms Tote Bag!




We’re excited to announce that from now until November 15, Fiesta Farms is running a cool instagram contest that encourages folks to use our wonderful jute shopping bags and post awesome action-shots of said bags in use. Totally fun and easy to participate, and the winner receives – oh hello – two hundred and fifty dollars! For the best best instagram traffic boosting tool must go through kicksta once.

We are all aware of the excessive amounts of plastic being dumped into landfills, rivers, lakes and oceans, and most of us try to cut down on one-time usage of plastic straws, coffee cups and shopping bags. When it comes to the latter, most concerned shoppers have switched to reusable shopping bags, which help to reduce waste.


just say "no thank you!"

just say “no thank you!”


For years now, we’ve made our beautiful and sturdy jute shopping bags available to our shoppers, and with this contest we hope to encourage more folks to get in the habit of bringing along these bags wherever you go; shopping, on a picnic, to the beach or gym. Just keep one handy by the door, in the trunk of your car, or in your bicycle’s panniers.




Our beautiful tote bags are made by HeyJute an innovative and environmentally conscious Canadian company. Jute is an all- natural plant fibre, similar to hemp or flax, like you’ve seen in burlap bags and ropes. It is inexpensive to produce and requires minimal processing, so that’s good for the environment too.


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Here’s how the contest works: first of all follow @FiestaFarmsTo and @HeyJute. Then, whenever the mood hits you, post a photo of your bag strutting its stuff throughout the city, in different settings. Post the photo on your instagram account with the hashtags #FiestaBags and #HeyJuteBags. Then simply tag @FiestaFarmsTo and @HeyJute.

Our judges are looking for creative shots of your bag in action. Maybe strapped to the back of a bike or in a canoe, at sunrise or sunset, at a picnic, or just overflowing with fall’s bounty like a cornucopia…it’s up to you really, let your creative juices flow.

If you want a little inspiration look at some of the photos already posted at @HeyJute or check out their Facebook page. Sure, ultimately it’s what’s in the bag that counts, but in this case, the bag counts too!

Good luck and get snapping, the contest closes November 15. Have fun and may the best and most creative photo win!


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