How To Stuff A Bitter Melon



Bitter melon is the kind of thing one either loves or hates, there is no in-between. And, as is often the case, those who love it, really love it. Here is a recipe for a Vietnamese soup that might set you on a path to becoming a bitter melon lover yourself. 

If you’re new to bitter melon you’ll want to look for paler shiny versions of the fruit. The darker and more coarsely bumped, the more bitter. Save those for the hardcore fans.


The video below takes you through a recipe for Canh Khổ Qua, bitter melon stuffed with pork, black fungus, glass noodles and knifefish paste. Helen, a Vietnamese chef and food vlogger, patiently explains each step. She even offers an alternative: if you don’t have any knifefish paste on hand – sub in beaten eggs. You basically want to make a nice sticky mess of a filling to stuff into the hollowed melon.

Poached in chicken stock flavoured with fish sauce, the result is savoury, pungent and perfect for a chilly autumn day.


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