Join a Parade, then Compost Your Pumpkin


After your Halloween pumpkin—or pumpkins—have done their duty on the spooky night before, you might find a Pumpkin parade in your neighbourhood where it can have one last hurrah. 50 parks in Toronto host these fun annual events, so check out the link to one near you.

Sorauren Park in the west end was the location for the first pumpkin parade in 2004.

Sorauren Park was actually the first park in the city to host a pumpkin parade back in 2004. Sorauren definitely draws a large crowd and has had close to 2,000 pumpkins on display in recent years.

Pumpkin parades usually offer disposal of your pumpkin by the City of Toronto, but why not bring it back with you to put in your own compost bin. That’s what I would do. You might not want to let all that pumpkin organic goodness go to in someone else’s garden.

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