In-Store Demos: Feb.9-10, 2019

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Riviera Vegan Delight

“NEW” at Fiesta Farms
Coconut Milk Yogurt
Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 9th and 10th
11am to 3pm


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Rise Kombucha

A sparkling, living tea-based beverage with six oddly delicious flavors. Raw, organic and GMO and gluten free.
Proudly brewed in Canada.
Sunday, Feb. 9th

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Galerie Chocolat

In order to create the best tasting chocolates, we start with the best ingredients.  Throughout the process we ensure that only quality ingredients are used in making our confections.


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Greenhouse Juice

Greenhouse is a proudly Canadian beverage company committed to producing organic, plant-based, functional beverages with maximum nutrient density, in a delicious, convenient format. Our mission is to offer widespread, sustainable access to plant-based nutrition of the highest quality. Our goal is to make it simple to savour the present while looking out for a healthy future—ours, and that of our planet.
Saturday, Feb.9, 11am

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