Join Us For The MoMentum Talks This Sunday



Calling all expectant mothers, significant others and their friends and families! This Sunday, June 2,  The Wychwood Barns on Christie Street is hosting The Bump to Baby Show a day long event that lets you know what to expect when you’re expecting.




The brainchild of Dr. Rachel Schwartzman N.D & Mira Heitz E.C.E, the event will focus on and present products, services, apparel, nutrition and health, wellness and fitness options, and much more. This year’s edition will feature Fiesta Farms devotee, local mom and mindful business owner Natalie Ruskin , of The MoMentum, who will be leading a panel talk with other inspiring business leaders, who happen to be moms. The topic?  How to navigate motherhood and livelihood in an authentic way.


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Natalie will speak with three wellness changemakers about how they do it all, and  how they use social media to leverage their business, without it leveraging their personal life. The talk will run from 10 a.m. -10:30 a.m. at the Wychwood Barns and seating is free but limited. To pre-register and secure your spot email


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The MoMentum Talks  will be an energizing conversation with successful changemakers about motherhood, career, and mastering the art of social media. Learn how these influencers grew their business, how they mindfully navigate motherhood and livelihood, and what tips they have for building a strong social media following.  On the panel will be former pharmaceutical executive and founder of Sahajan Skincare, Lisa Mattam; Founder of Mini Mioche, Alyssa Kerbel; and co-founder of 889 Yoga and Essential Sisters, and a doTerra Essential Oils Community, Christine Russell.


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Fiesta Farms is a proud sponsor of The MoMentum Talks at The Bump to Baby Show this year.  Check out the Bump to Baby Marketplace and stop by The MoMentum’s booth for a free gift from Fiesta Farms, while supplies last.






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