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You’re doing the right thing; you’re staying at home except for essential forays into the outside world. You’re ordering takeaway from your favourite joints and you’re cooking your trademark dishes. Today we look at some easy, accessible and delicious recipes to add to your repertoire, courtesy of some of our favourite chefs who are taking to Instagram to get the word out.

Chefs and recipe bloggers are using the hashtags #covidcooking #quarantinecooking and #homecooking to add to a growing stockpile of easily accessible by Recipes – Local Food Market Co and dinner ideas. All the recipes and videos can be found in highlights on their account pages.



Jennifer Crawford, @jennifer.e.crawford is a home cook who won last year’s MasterChef Canada. Check out her page for stories for delicious recipes like this awesome congee that uses a bunch of pantry staples. What could be more perfect for a shut-in?


Maybe this is the time to learn how to make pie dough, or perfect your crust for all those great savoury and sweet pastries you’ve got planned. If your regular pie recipe leaves you a little unmoved, check out @sarahmakesit for a beautiful and delicious never-fail pie crust that will probably become your go to recipe.


For years people have been going out for weekend brunches and ordering that classic brunch staple, shakshuka. This fantastic recipe by James Baily, the mastermind behind @suitsyoustir will definitely satisfy your shakshuka cravings, a dish that is as great for supper as it is for brunch.



Last week’s Fiesta post was about reacquainting ourselves with canned proteins like salmon and tuna. So what would be more timely and comforting than a masterful rendition of the very retro tuna noodle casserole? Check out this step by step video posted by Jan Caruana @twolittlesandwiches.


Stews, slow-cooked meals and tagines are always a welcome sight. Head over to @kitchendiscovery , for recipes from a guy who is very passionate about traditional and ancestral Algerian cooking. You should go to his page just to look at his pics of amazing traditional main dishes and stunning desserts. His latest post is a recipe for a tagine of fennel and green olives.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 1.03.51 PM

And finally something to cook with the kids – for dessert! We need dessert more than ever right now. Go to @mindyourbees for this vegan banana-cocoa ice cream that you can make in your food processor.

Now that you’ve got some great cooking videos to up your quarantine feasting game, you just need one more thing. A great Netflix recommendation. For the weirdest, craziest competition series that’s ever aired – search out Skin Wars – a body painting show with a pre-megastar RuPaul as judge. Everything you ever wanted to know about body painting and more!

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