Cooking With Kids During Quarantine

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The kids are home for the foreseeable future and everyone is going stir crazy. Now might just be the perfect time to get them in the kitchen and teach them how to cook. It’s also a good time to try some new recipes. Aren’t you getting tired of all your old standbys? Read on for inspiration for both cooking with kids and trying out some new preparations in the kitchen.

Ever heard of Nutella Pasta? Yep. It’s a thing. 

Jamie Oliver brought the message about teaching kids how to cook to the masses a few years ago and he still has some of the best cooking with kids videos on YoutTube. Great recipes, beautifully shot, and easy to follow. Here he is making pizza with Petal and Buddy.



Oliver’s primer is a perfect starting point for this endeavour. It even includes a video on how to teach children safe chopping technique.

Making fresh pasta is fun and messy and delicious. Perfect for kids! Here’s Avery, a young pasta maker who just took a cooking class, showing her mom how to make noodles from scratch, on the What’s Up Moms YouTube channel.



Here’s Padma Lakshmi cooking up some sweet and sour shrimp with her daughter Krishna. She talks about making preserved lemons and cooking up anything that might spoil first.


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Over at Scary Mommy they’ve compiled a dozen easy pasta dishes to make with, and for, your kids. Including a Nutella pasta and Spaghetti and Meatball Waffles. Huh?!

Back to more traditional items for kids to cook – how about cupcakes? Here’s Bailey with her cupcake baking and decorating tutorial.



Keeping in mind that using what we have at home has never been more important than it is right now, there are plenty of listicles featuring recipes that raid the pantry and use up staples you already have on hand. Here’s a great one from Rachael Ray.

If you do have to go out and get groceries, and we all do, please remember that the less people who are out at any given time right now the better. We are asking that only solo shoppers go out and get groceries. Get everyone in the fam together and make a list, then appoint one person to do the shop. It makes it a lot easier for us in the stores. We are working around the clock and we really appreciate it.

And maybe, just maybe, your kids don’t want to cook. Here’s a nasty little list from We Are The Mighty to get them cleaning the house. Is that even possible?! Maybe! They might like to scrub the kitchen or clean up in the yard. This is a crazy time. So who knows? It just might work.

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