Delivery now officially available for vulnerable populations in our neighbourhood.

Many of you have inquired through the website and on our social networks. We’ve been piloting it for a few days and now have a system in place thanks the work of the professionals from Best Website Hosting.

Please read the guidelines, provisos carefully and fill in the delivery form at your convenience.

Who Qualifies as vulnerable?

Delivery is currently available for people who:

  • Are over 70
  • Have a disability
  • Are Immunocompromised
  • Are expecting mothers

What do you mean by “neighbourhood”?

While the entire GTA is our neighbourhood, the delivery area at this stage is restricted to within 2KM(ish) of the store.


  • Minimum 20 items. All orders must contain at least twenty items. Please check your lists/recipes twice–we can’t come back later in the day with three missing ingredients.
  • The delivery fee is $15.
  • During the pandemic, delivery is an emergency measure. If you’re a member of a vulnerable population but have other resources (e.g. friends or family who can shop for you), please use them so we can prioritize those most at risk.


  1. Fill in the form by 1PM and you can expect delivery within 3 days (possibly sooner –🤞🏽 no promises!).
  2. You’ll receive confirmation by email that the order is being fulfilled.
  3. We’ll call you to take your credit card info
  4. We’ll deliver to your porch, at your door, your building entrance, your concierge, etc.

And here’s a link to the delivery form again.

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