Toronto Restaurants: How You Can Help


There are currently over 1000 restaurants signed up at SaveHospitality, a coalition of independent restaurateurs and suppliers representing more than 65,000 workers. A number of people have been working behind the scenes to ensure the government hears the voices of this city’s independents. Spearheaded by John Sinopoli, a chef with three shuttered restaurants, he told the Star recently, “The hospitality industry contributes a massive amount to the labour force and GDP. If half of the restaurants close, that’s money not going back into the economy. This is a team effort with landlords, banks and governments, because no one wants to see us fail.”

If you’re here on a grocery store website right now, instead of reading the Economist or scrolling through cat memes, then it probably means you love food as much as we do. We’re all in this together and we’re proud of the incredible food scene in Toronto. We want to keep that scene alive and support our city’s restaurants at this harrowing time. So we’ve rounded up the best ways to do so:


Donate directly to unemployed cooks, servers and bartenders through the Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief Fund.

Order take-out or delivery. A great resource for listings of restaurants offering these options for the first time can be found at ToGoToronto. Also check out Canada Takeout, where they are organizing Canada Takeout Day on April 15th.

Ask a chef or owner. You can head to the Food & Wine Industry Navigator facebook group if you have any questions about delivery and take-out in your area. With almost 40k members from the city’s restaurant industry, there is sure to be someone to offer suggestions for options in your hood.

Buy gift cards. Go to SaveYourFaves for listings of restaurants; everyone from Planta Burger to Fabbrica, offering gift cards for sale right now. While you might not be able to dine in, your money can be a big help during this time.

Call your MP. “If supporters of independent restaurants want to help, we encourage them to write and call their MP and MPP and ask for action in our aid.” says Sinopoli.



“We are looking at, potentially, the complete collapse of the industry as we know it. Without immediate government intervention, the effects on our economy will be devastating,” says Andrew Oliver, president of Oliver and Bonacini Hospitality, whose company helped launch the Save Hospitality campaign.

We’re going to get through this. Our city might look a little different this summer but that won’t be a reflection of how incredible its citizens are. Your support for our store, for our staff and the notes and letters you send, the kind words you post on our socials – it is a daily reminder of how amazing Toronto is. We are so grateful and we know that with your support behind all of the food businesses in this city means that we’ll still have a vibrant and happening dining scene in the future.

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