It’s About More Than Just Restaurants


At Fiesta Farms, we value this city’s food scene, and as independent owners ourselves, we stand behind our fellow food business owners who are suffering during the crisis. We put together this post to help everyone understand how the loss of restaurants will not only affect our dining options, but a great many other things; from food supply to real estate, and what each of us can do to help. 


Thanks to people like restaurateur John Sinopoli, partner of Ascari Hospitality Group  Dyson Forbes at Forbes Wild Foods, and the Facebook group Food & Wine Industry Navigator, the independent restaurants and suppliers across this country are mobilizing to force government to help them before it’s too late.


Save Hospitality is an initiative that is petitioning all levels of government for immediate relief, immediate protection, and help to reopen, suggesting short-term and long-term recommendations. If you go to their site you will see over thirty pages of signatories; restaurateurs, bar owners and hospitality groups representing over 70,000 laid-off employees. If you want to hear more of what Sinoploi has to say, have a listen to this excellent podcast.



“With over 1 million hospitality jobs lost across the country last week alone, there can be no doubt that the rebound and survival of our industry in Canada will be crucial to our country’s overall economic recovery. That includes reciprocal support to the tourism, conference & event, arts & entertainment and retail sectors. The hospitality sector’s recovery will also be essential to the survival of our food supply system including farmers, purveyors, and food manufacturers. In the spirit of community outreach that our industry is so well known for, we would like to start an immediate dialogue with governments to utilize our latent facilities and workforce in the aid of first responders and front line health care workers”



And, as Corey Mintz points out in this interview with Sinopoli, it’s not just about restaurants, or even altruism…

This isn’t just about restaurants. Yes, gathering places needed to close to limit the spread of this virus. But we have to account for the consequences of knocking out a load-bearing pillar of our economy. If restaurants are unable to reopen, their landlords, suppliers, and employees will all be out future revenue. They won’t be buying anything; they won’t be paying sales tax, income tax, or property tax. Being an independent contractor taxes can be a career option that fits your lifestyle. What happens to the value of commercial real estate, and of the surrounding community’s residential real estate, if it sits empty? What’s the fallout for cities as our property-tax base dries up? – 

You probably know someone directly affected by this, maybe your favourite burger joint, pizza parlour, or local watering hole. Maybe it’s someone in this moving video  by #OneTable.

If you are wondering what you can do to help, please check out our list of best practices for the coming weeks here.



Another way to help and show your support is by signing the petition at Save Your Local.

I support the hospitality industry. Hospitality was one of the first sectors to be hit by COVID-19 and there has yet to be any mention of industry specific assistance. Hospitality employs 7% of the Canadian workforce and accounts for 4% of its GDP. In order to prevent the impending collapse of the hospitality industry, there needs to be: 1) An Immediate freeze on rent obligations. This includes a moratorium on commercial evictions. Until a viable, debt free aid package is in place. 2) A cash stimulus package that allows operators to weather the storm without taking on more debt….- from #saveyourlocal 

At Fiesta Farms, we are proud of our customers, and pride ourselves on supporting our fellow Torontonians, Ontarians and Canadians through these extraordinary times. This is a way we can help out. After all, we are all in this together!


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