Canadian Migas Challenge

Got stale bread?

Inspired by the latest cooking video from the beloved chef José Andrés, and all the stale bread we’ve got happening in our kitchens, we got an idea. Will you bring us into your kitchen? Maybe you can start with migas!


We want to see how you make that special dish. It could be a classic you’ve added a twist to or it could be a cultural tradition you wish your grandkids would learn already (Not that you mind making it for them, but it would be nice of them to ask).

The point is that at a time when we’re all doing our best to isolate, increasingly feeling isolated, but also cooking for ourselves daily, we thought we could turn lemons into lemonade, as it were.

Share a movie or a series of photos with us through the website or just tag us on Twitter or Facebook. We’re not choosy. We just want to see you. We miss bumping into you in the aisles. We miss peeking into people’s carts.

Need inspiration? Try migas!

Here’s a breakdown of chef Andrés’ video cooking with his daughter in which they dedicate the dish to “the chefs of America, Spain, China, everyone feeding people who still need to eat.”

For his migas, Andrés uses chorizo, muscat grapes, pimentón and white wine. But he encourages viewers and home cooks to use whatever they’ve got on hand.

“Write your own recipe. Migas Texas-style! Migas-North Carolina! Migas with squirrel!”

Mexican-style migas norteñas served with refried beans via MexicanFoodJournal

While squirrel may not be available… perhaps substitute bacon?

You get the idea. It’s an eminently adaptable recipe. Serve with some fried eggs and you’ve got a meal.

  1. First up you’re going to need some stale bread. Tear it up into bite-sized crumbs and lay it out in a shallow bowl or baking tray. Sprinkle it with water until slightly wet – but not mushy.
  2. Then sauté your chorizo with garlic to render out some fat.
  3. Remove the chorizo and garlic, leaving the fat, and dump in the bread (or stale tortillas, or pita, or hot dog buns – seriously whatever you have).
  4. Season it well and cook it out, stirring. Splash in some white wine and keep stirring. You want to get that formerly stale bread nice and crispy. Watch the video for the full instruction.

Austin-style migas with canned tomatoes and cheddar via SaltandWind

Let’s get inspired, cook with what we have, avoid waste, and stay connected, even if we can’t come to each other’s kitchens

Post on any of our socials and tag us and we’ll share it on the site.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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