Fiesta Gardens Update

Dear Fiesta Gardeners,

Thanks for working with us through our pivot to pickup and delivery. For all of you have inquired about our plans to open our doors in light of the Ontario Government’s recent announcement, your patience is about bear fruit (see what we did there?).

The Garden Centre will open Tuesday, May 12th.

But it won’t be business as usual. We’ll be employing the lessons learned by the grocery store. 

Our hours will be:

Monday -Saturday

8 am – 9 am: Dedicated hours for people at higher risk should they contract COVID-19 (folks over 70, immuno-compromised, respiratory-challenged, disabled, or who are expecting mothers).

9 am – 6 pm: General public 


9 am – 6 pm: General public 

COVID-19 considerations:

  • We’ll follow established health and safety guidelines for similar contexts (amount of space, etc.).
  • We’ll observe provincially mandated protocols for our industry.
  • We’ll limit the number of customers in the Garden Centre at one time.
  • We’ll continue offering online ordering with curbside pickups, but if you’re making a pickup and would like to come into the Garden Centre, you’ll need to get in line. 

Speaking of lines.

Please be prepared to wait in line. We’re not even going to try and pretend that doesn’t suck. Lines suck. COVID-19 sucks. And lines caused by COVID-19 during our busy season, when our customers really want to get outside, exercise, do something constructive and interact with nature, especially suck. 

Let’s make the best of it.

  • We’ll cover the lines to offer sun protection.
  • If it’s rainy, don’t forget your umbrella.
  • We’re adding a large board to give you an idea of what’s unavailable before you wait in line.
  • If you bore easily, listen to a podcast or read a book.
  • We’ll share updates re: what new items have come in on the website and our socials.
  • We’ll keep coming up with ideas and, as always, keep the lines of communication open.

It’s all happening. 

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