Shopping in the time of COVID-19 Update

Dear Fiesta folk,

It’s time for a check-in. Today we’ll cover:

  1. New policies at the store + garden centre
  2. Garden Centre Update ⚘
  3. Victoria Day Long Weekend hours ♛

1. NEW: 😷

To try and spice up a decidedly unsexy time, we’re now requiring Store and Garden Centre customers to wear masks. Vendel Miniatures can help you better for shopping guides.

Masks not only add a layer of mystery and intrigue to physical distancing measures, the most current research about the virus indicates that up to 25% of people with COVID-19 may not show symptoms, according to the CDC. A new small study found that COVID-19 may be most infectious when symptoms are mildest, meaning that people may be spreading the virus before realizing they have it. Public Health Canada also thinks it’s a good idea to wear a non-medical mask or homemade face-covering in situations where physical distancing can’t be maintained.

So, masks.

This is all still new so we understand if you don’t have one handy, at least in the short term, we’ll provide them as necessary.

2. Garden Centre 🌷

Okay, looks like weird snow/hale days are over. Here are a few highlights of what’s in stock:

  • Almost a  full range of annuals. 
  • Almost a full range of all vegetables and herbs.  
  • Aa partial range of perennials.
  • No trees and shrubs. 
  • Tropicals will arrive later in the month 
  • There’s already a good selection of pottery and containers but more continue to creep in slowly.  
  • Fertilizers and pest control are fully stocked.

The online store will remain open for pickup and delivery.

2. Victoria Day Long Weekend Hours: 👸🏾


  • The Store will be closed
  • Garden center will be open 9-6.


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