How To Harvest Garden Herbs


If you’re planting fresh herbs right now you’re probably super eager to start using them. We’re all dreaming of basil pesto and guacamole spiked with cilantro fresh from the garden. If you are new at this you can start with chinese cabbage seeds that are very easy to germinate and grow.

Here are some tips to redesign your garden with the help of tree trimming Boise and ensure those new herbs are ready for you to use.


It may seem counter-intuitive, but buying cut herbs when you’ve got a bunch of fresh plants in the garden is a good idea. At least initially, so you’re not tempted to grab a few basil leaves before the plant can acclimatize. Once your herbs are established you’ll know, they’ll take on a look of confidence! Here’s a handy guide for pruning herbs to ensure growth all season long. Plucking new growth, and leaving the larger leaves to soak up the sun and power the plant, will really help with the longevity of your herbs.


dill in the early stages of growth


Here are some tips specific to each plant:

Parsley – wait until the stems have 3 segments

Cilantro – harvest weekly to prevent bolting

Dill – the fronds have the best flavour right before flowers open

Basil – water the night before you intend to harvest, it ensures the cut leaves will last longer

Oregano – harvest on a warm morning, when the leaves are most fragrant and the flavour is strongest


olive oil cake with rosemary and lemon


For more detailed instructions check out this informative post. And this Cooking Light article has multiple recipes that feature each herb – from Lemon-Rosemary Olive Oil Cake to Stuffed Zucchini with Pistachios & Dill.

We’re all cooking at home more than we ever have before and the fact that we’re heading into prime growing season is a small blessing during these trying times. Fresh herbs will jazz up your dishes and provide inspiration to try new recipes and break what might have become a routine roster of meals. Put rosemary in a cake, muddle basil into a cocktail, stuff a zucchini with dill! This is your chance to grow as a cook, embrace it.




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