An Ode To Corn Fritters

Corn Fritters with Whipped Hot Honey Butter from Vegetarian Adventures


When’s the last time you made fritters at home? This time of year is ideal for corn fritters – the corn is at its sweetest and there’s so much of it. The measurements are so easy, this is the kind of recipe you can keep in your head. One ear of corn makes four palm-sized fritters. Mix the kernels with egg and flour – one egg and one tablespoon per cob – and a sprinkling of salt and let sit for an hour. Then fry and serve. That’s it.


corn fritters from Just A Taste


While googling corn fritters, one can’t help but stumble across other fritter recipes – zucchini, parsnips, kale! Seriously, all would make great fritters. Check out this post at the Kitchn for recipes.

That’s the beauty of the corn fritter, no thinking is required. Just one cob, one egg, one spoon of flour. So easy and so delicious.

During the fritter hunt a recipe for clam fritters came up. The site also yielded recipes for traditional pit-cooked salmon, sumac-ade, wild rice and blueberry pancakes, as well as the aforementioned clam fritters. Check out Indigenous Food First for the recipes.

While there, you will also find a number of posts about water – how to boil for home use, a few badges that say “I Heart Water”. So when you’re browsing those exciting new recipes you’re forced to think about something that isn’t top of mind for most Canadians – drinking water. It’s a good lesson in something we take for granted, but that thousands of Indigenous people don’t. That we live in a country where safe drinking water isn’t available to every citizen is a pretty scary thing to consider in 2020. Click the “Take Action” tab on the site for some ways that you can help. 


corn fritters from Just A Taste


And why not make some fritters this weekend? They’re so good and so easy and they are a beautiful way to show off the best that fall has to offer. And they’re deep fried, well, shallow fried – the thing is, they’re fried! That’s what makes them so damn good. You’re welcome!

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