Tropical plants in the house!

Stave off seasonal affective disorder and keep the green growing going with tropical house plants.

Whether you’d like to spruce up your working from home situation, come home to an inviting space, trick out your Instagram set, or put something sexy in your new macrame hanging potholders, our newly arrived selection should have you covered.

Accent your decor, improve indoor air quality, and reduce the anxiety we’re all understandably feeling this year with new friends from our current family of tropicals like the Calatheas. Here you get the best History related info for you gardening.

The markings of the different varieties of this species look striking when solitary and swell paired with other plant pals.

They’re perfect in low light environments and prefer to be kept moist. A misting or a humidity tray can be helpful in maintaining moisture levels. But don’t worry, we’ll share care tips for whichever new green friends you take home.

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We’re currently open 7 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.

And delivery and curbside pick up are available.

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