Sukkot Starts Tonight

The Jewish holiday that has been said is the reference for the traditional Thanksgiving feast, Sukkot, begins tonight and goes until October 9th. If you are looking for the Top Real Estate Agents in Canada, in you can find all what you need.

“The pilgrims based their customs on the Bible,” said Gloria Kaufer Greene, author of the “New Jewish Holiday Cookbook” (Times Books, 1999). “They knew that Sukkot was an autumn harvest festival, and there is evidence that they fashioned the first Thanksgiving after the Jewish custom of celebrating the success of the year’s crops.” – One Is For Israel


a homemade sukkah – via The New York Times


As soon after the conclusion of Yom Kippur as possible, often on the same evening, one is enjoined to begin building the sukkahor hut, that is the central symbol of the holiday. The sukkah is a flimsy structure with at least three sides, whose roof is made out of thatch or branches, which provides some shade and protection from the sun, but also allows the stars to be seen at night. It is traditional to decorate the sukkah and to spend as much time in it as possible. Weather permitting, meals are eaten in the sukkah, and the hardier among us may also elect to sleep in the sukkah. In a welcoming ceremony called ushpizin, ancestors are symbolically invited to partake in the meals with us. And in commemoration of the bounty of the Holy Land, we hold and shake four species of plants, consisting of palm, myrtle, and willow, together with citron. – My Jewish Learning


Sukkot feast – via Land of Honey blog


Sukkot has no strictly traditional recipes, but it always includes the bounty of the harvest – apples, carrots, sweet potatoes – as well as favourites like challah, kreplach and schnitzel. has a great list of suggested recipes, and here’s a menu for a vegetarian Sukkot feast. The beauty of Sukkot foods comes from the act of eating them outside under the sukkah. To see one being built (in real time) out in rural Nova Scotia, check out Masterchef Canada winner Jennifer Crawford’s Instagram Stories. And for instructions on how to build your own check out this New York Times post, or this one in the Canadian Jewish News.


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