Celeriac Season

celeriac fries

The moment you’ve been waiting for all summer – celeriac season has finally arrived!

For those of you who have long admired the knobbly root vegetable from afar and wondered what the heck to do with it, allow us to enlighten you with a plethora of delightful preparations that will dazzle and amaze in the coming months.

First of all, what is celeriac? It is closely related to celery, parsley and parsnips and is a Frankenstein-flavour amalgam of all three. When your heart yearns for parsnip, yet your palate seeks out celery, but your soul belongs to parsley – celeriac has got you covered. You can have guide of cheapmotorhomes.


celeriac schnitzel sandwiches


To get started we’ll look at various ways to fry celeriac – because frying food brings us closer to god. And anyone who is averse to new veggies should start with the most tempting preparation. Therefore, schnitzel. Celeriac schnitzel is a thing and it could be your thing! Here’s a delightful recipe from Chatelaine.

You can make celeriac fries with this recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen. Or try your hand with tempura, with this handy guide from Food52.


salt-baked celeriac


Now that you’ve been soothed by the familiar golden brown of fried preparations let’s get into more traditional possibilities. You can mash it; of course! Or roast it; so easy! Or puree it into a soup; earthy ambrosia! But have you ever considered for a moment the enlightened act of encasing an entire celeriac in salt and baking it? Oui chef!

And that brings us to the revolutionary moment when you forego the heat source altogether and serve up some of that celery root raw. Hold onto your apron – we’re talking crispy cold crudité realness people!


celeriac remoulade

celeriac remoulade


You can go classic with Mary Berry’s traditional remoulade, or new school with Rekha’s Garden smoothie that blends our favourite root veggie with blueberries and apples.

Now you are on your way to greatness. Embrace the autumnal harvest with a celeriac feast!


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